Grad rockets fired at Be’er Sheva for first time since Gaza war – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News



Grad rockets fired at Be’er Sheva for first time since Gaza war – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.

This was in the morning news today,  Feb 24, the day that I go to Be’er Sheva to study NLP (neuro linguistic programming).  No report of where the grad landed, so I don’t expect to see remnants on the sidewalk near Soroka Hospital.

For those who’ve been through war, such events bring back too fresh memories. But life continues as usual, with hopes that something will shift and create a real chance for negotiations for peaceful coexistence.

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Update – Jan 8, 2011

First major rain down here on Nir-Oz. Started around dinner time, Friday night and kept on till Saturday morning. Will it mean more than 3 mm of rain? Hope so. Our za’atar (hyssop) pots are overflowing and the snails are surfing the sidewalk.

Other news: heard tank shots this morning.

Probably a continuation of yesterday’s infiltration near the fence of Kibbutz Nirim (our neighbour) and the tragic shooting by “friendly fire” of Israeli soldiers.

Story here:

IDF soldier killed by friendly fire on Gaza border

Sergeant Natav Rotenberg, 20, killed during exchanges of fire with terrorists approaching security fence; another soldier moderately wounded, three more lightly hurt when mortar fired by IDF force accidentally hits them

Hanan Greenberg

Cleared for publication:

An IDF soldier was killed by friendly fire during a clash with terrorists Friday evening along the Gaza border, near Kibbiutz Nirim.

Another soldier sustained moderate wounds in the incident, while three others were lightly wounded. The army said all of the soldiers were hit by friendly fire.

The soldier who was killed in the incident has been identified as Sergeant Natav Rotenberg, 20, from Ramot Hashavim.

The incident began when Palestinian terrorists approached the security fence separating Israel form the Hamas-ruled territory and opened fire on the Israeli troops using automatic weapons. Five soldiers belonging to Battalion 202 of the Paratroopers Brigade were injured in the clash, and one of them later succumbed to his wounds.


Women Reform Rabbis: Stop the Hatred –,7340,L-4006254,00.html

Women Reform rabbis: Stop the hatred



In response to rabbis’ wives letter calling on Jewish women not to date Arabs, dozens of women rabbis sign letter saying ‘we must block attempts by hate mongers, fanatics to take advantage of our fear’

Kobi Nahshoni,7340,L-4006254,00.html.

An article from ynet.

Reform Rabbis, women all, demand rational behaviour! Come on, people, 2011 – live and let live. May individual thought prevail – have we not had enough of orders from higher ranks?

2011 – Conscience, mindfulness, gentility to oneself and others

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