Israel might have been able to prevent Carmel fire, reports show – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Israel might have been able to prevent Carmel fire, reports show – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.

Along with casting blame for arson, the facts of the inadequate resources of Israel’s firefighting agencies are being discussed throughout the country.

Click onto the link for the article which appears in this morning’s “Ha’aretz”; Ilan Lior reports:

It was well-known long before last week that the firefighting service in Israel had serious deficiencies. Nonetheless a succession of government agencies, prime ministers and ministers of the interior and of finance failed to deal with the situation. A review of state comptroller reports, recommendations from professional investigative committees, deliberations by Knesset committees and correspondence among agencies all testify to the fact everyone foresaw such a catastrophe, but very little was done to head it off.

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Be’er Sheva dedicates Israel’s first ‘socially conscious street’ – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News



Be’er Sheva dedicates Israel’s first ‘socially conscious street’ – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.

On Ringblum Street, 10 businesses commit to uphold labor laws, offer handicap access and protect the environment.

Article By Yanir Yagna


judih notes: This is an accomplishment orchestrated by involved citizens who crusaded the businesses on the street and the city council to create change. Read the article.


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IDF troops kill two Palestinian infiltrators on Gaza border – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

IDF troops kill two Palestinian infiltrators on Gaza border – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.

Early Friday around 3 a.m. this morning, we heard a huge boom, that sounded like it landed on the kibbutz. Then the sound of planes could be heard.

The first people at work this morning (mostly those who prepare the food and those who like to gather with them)  shared how they were awakened by the noise and wondered what had transpired. Me? I slept through it. But later on as I went through my day, I heard a boom that got the peacocks shrieking. Just like the old days * (*Last December/January in Operation Cast Lead)

Today we were messaged to stay indoors as there was an infiltration.  About an hour later, we were given the all-clear.

Here’s the article in Ha’aretz about what happened:

  • Published 03:30 21.05.10
  • Latest update 15:30 21.05.10

Israel jets strike Gaza in response to Qassam attack; IDF: Planes hit tunnel intended to facilitate a terror attack against Israeli citizens.

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Independence Day on Kibbutz Nir-Oz

On Kibbutz Nir-Ozקיבוץ ניר-עוז)we are celebrating 100 years of the Kibbutz Experience. One hundred years which started out forging strangers into communities, banding intellectuals and labourers to commence the urgent work of draining swamps and clearing rocks,  resting in the evenings to dance and discuss ideologies.

One hundred years of communal clothing, Children’s Houses, defending borders, working together to survive.

Last night’s ceremony on Nir-Oz was modest, quaint, not a huge cultural success, but still a coming together to speak, to sing and then to watch Independence Day fireworks.

Many will be barbecuing today, sharing pita and hummus. It’s the tradition all over the country.

Me? A day to ponder, to gather my thoughts.  As usual, I wonder how much to print, what is politically correct. I love the lifestyle of kibbutz. It offers natural environments, green pastoral views, birdsong and spaces. I have a roof over my head, food for my children. We are still mid-process of procuring security rooms in case of Red Alerts or mortar fire.  But, more than that, I have a genuine love of kibbutz which keeps me here, even as I sadly acknowledge that capitalism is grabbing hold of the old ideals and tossing them aside.

Every day there is a see-saw effect going on. Some want the old form of kibbutz with its communal logistics. Others want a personal salary and the freedom to disengage from the social experiment that has lasted this long.

This blog has never been a place for me to air my own opinions. It is intended as a safe place for the stories of all in this community.  There will be more stories to come!

Interviews are slated for this spot. Stay tuned!

And Happy 62nd Independence Day to allץ  May this year show a widening of true talks and negotiation for peace. Soon as possible, people. Let’s get this show on the road.

(below, photo of fireworks in Haifa, 2010, moran mayan)

photo moran mayan for ha'aretz

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IAF strikes two targets in southern Gaza Strip – Haaretz – Israel News

Yesterday, March 11, 2010,

a friend from neighbouring Kibbutz Nirim called me to report that a qassam had hit the kibbutz.

There were no injuries, he reported. A few minutes later,  I received a text message from another friend from Nirim. The kibbutz is 3 kilometres away from us, but I didn’t hear their “Tzeva Adom” (red alert) and the boom that I did hear wasn’t louder than a lot of other booms we’ve been periodically hearing.

This particular qassam fell within the kibbutz but nobody was injured. Pure luck. Pure chance that the ill-aimed qassam managed to land where it did.

The difference now is that both Kibbutz Nirim and Nir-Oz are mid-process of receiving security rooms. Theoretically, within a few months, we’ll have a ‘safe’ place to protect us in the event of receiving the ‘Tzeva Adom’ alert.

Meanwhile, the security rooms are far from finished, and during the process, the workers (both Arab and Chinese) are living on the kibbutz itself, some leaving the kibbutz on the weekend.

It’s discomforting living with so many strangers within the intimacy of a closed community.  It’s clear that their only purpose is to earn a living, while our purpose is to try to pretend that everything is normal, pastoral

and digestible.

It’s not. It’s living with continued interruptions, daring not to leave a door unlocked, or items outside, for fear that they won’t be there upon our return from work.

But here we are. The Security Ministry has ordered these structures to be built, and with the continued atmosphere of periodic qassams and perhaps worse, we await the moment when our lives can pick up out of the ever-present dust and pruned tree branches, noise of drills, saws and tractors, and get back to the idyllic peace and quiet and simple smell of cow and chicken manure that we call home.

More news was available when the Air Force struck weapons facilities in Gaza. Read the article below:

IAF strikes two targets in southern Gaza Strip – Haaretz – Israel News.