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Two word poetry

Mindfulness and poetry.
What could be better?

As a writer of haiku, I firmly believe that by condensing one’s thoughts and focusing on the immediate present moment, one can hone thought, feeling and sensation into a precise gem.

Sometimes the gem is flawed and that makes it all the more unique.

This morning in our mindfulness practice, we went through a systematic body scan and then after stretching our limbs, we each took the Tibetan Singing Bowl, invited the sound of the bell and offered a noun and an adjective to pinpoint our present moment.

Beautiful day

Beautiful child

Rich morning

Inner quiet

Crying heart

Flourishing garden

Circling around, each of us rang the Tibetan bowl and added our short phrase.

Our body alive, our mind alert, our hearts opened and a chance for verbal expression, this day offered a rich, gentle session with a flourish of creativity.

photo by Stewart Ganulin, LIfe on the Border
Kibbutz Life · Nature

Weather has settled, December 13, 2010

Rain, snow and wild times hit Israel. The Sea of Galilee rose a bit. The Mediterranean smashed over the boardwalk in Tel Aviv, in Caesarea and winds were so strong that one pedestrian in Tel Aviv was swept up into the air and dropped in the middle of the road in front of oncoming traffic.

Here in the Negev, sandstorms abided but the promised rain never materialized.

This morning, as I headed out the door, I saw a small flock of peacocks wandering the kibbutz in search of fallen pecans.

after the sandstorm

fat rollicking peacocks

feast on pecans


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South by south fest – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

South by south fest – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.

It’s In-D-Negev weekend!

Check out the article by Lea Penn in today’s Ha’aretz.

Israelis are flocking to the desert, where indie music is given room to shine. For many, the In-D-Negev festival is the closest thing Israel has to Austin or Glastonbury.”

In-D-Negev, the festival for independent music, artists and craftspeople takes place on Kibbutz Gvulot. This year it’s a 3-day festival.

Read more at the link above and check out the youtube clip:

Israel · Nature

Lost in search of lunch: Rare Pacific whale spotted off Israel’s coast – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Lost in search of lunch: Rare Pacific whale spotted off Israel’s coast – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.

Gray Whales usually live in Pacific Ocean; estimated to have reached Israel’s shores in search of food.

by  Zafrir Rinat

A gray whale, over 15 meters long, was spotted of the Herzliya coast today, Saturday – the first time this species has been seen in Israel.

Read the article.

This is amazing!