Israel Watches Egypt Riots, Gaza and Lebanon

Israel Watches Egypt Riots, Gaza and Lebanon.

Virtual Jerusalem published this article this morning. After an intensive week of my own personal obsessions, the news has been rippling constantly with reports from Egypt.

When I first came to Israel in 1978, Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin signed their historic peace agreement, making Egypt an important figure in Middle East stability. Mubarak has upheld this relationship. What will be? We can only stay tuned.

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Egypt, one of the only two Arab states to sign peace with Israel, is wobbling dangerously on the brink of revolutionary change with potentially spreading fallout. This week, Israel was dismayed to find itself looking suddenly at three blatantly hostile fronts about to spring up around its borders: Lebanon, which has dropped into the Iranian orbit, followed by Egypt, which is heading for terra incognita, and the Gaza Strip, where the Palestinian Hamas, offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, has gained altitude as a Middle East player from the rise of its less radical parent.

Indeed Gaza’s rulers, who are close to Iran, are puffing themselves up as a bridge between the Shiite Revolution of Iran and the Sunni-led revolution of Egypt…

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It’s win-win on a socially conscious street | social-action



It’s win-win on a socially conscious street | social-action.

Students at Ben-Gurion University working together with businesses to make them socially and environmentally conscious!


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BREAKING: Katyusha Launches on Sderot; IDF Speaks Out

BREAKING: Katyusha Launches on Sderot; IDF Speaks Out.

Virtual Jerusalem reports in English what was heard tonight on the News in Israel:

“IDF soldiers have spoken out about their experience when boarding the Flotilla ship. burnt flag

The world media has skipped over the fact that Israel repeatedly told the Flotilla not to proceed with their plan of breaking the Gaza blockade. Israel offered the boat safe passage to Ashdod where they would be free to break apart their cargo under Israeli supervision, and then could take the humanitarian aid they promised into Gaza with no further problem.

They refused.

Even at the last minute, before the Israeli forces boarded the boat, once more they asked the captain to change his route. Again, they refused.

One IDF soldier who was wounded and seen jumping from the ship on video recounts his story:

When I landed on the ship, I passed terrorists, everyone had knives and weapons… I held my weapon up when a knife came at me and I shot one shot. Then there were about 20 people surrounding me on all sides, pushing me down and as soon as I hit the floor I felt a strong stabbing pain in my stomach. I saw it was a knife, I removed it and at one point we just went out and another fighter and I jumped into the water, and a third fighter who was hit on the head lost his consciousness and fell.”

What they found:
While some humanitarian aid was found dispersed around the ship, the IDF also found weapons, gas masks and night vision aids. The IDF stated that if they knew that there would be these kind of materials aboard the ship, the operation would have been conducted quite differently.

The Rachel Corrie
, a flotilla that left Ireland and is already en route to Gaza, is believed to be a true humanitarian ship, but it is unclear now as to whether Israel will allow it to pass into port.”

go to the link to read what Turkey is doing to show kinship with the Arab world.

More from the same article:

Katyusha’s falling:

Meanwhile two Katyushka rockets are reported to have fallen in Sderot this evening with Hamas and Hizbollah promising that more are on their way.

Protests are being staged at intersections and in cities across Israel both in support and against Israel’s movements on the flotilla.

An emergency cabinet meeting held in Jerusalem tonight concluded with no clear decision as to whether or not Israel will allow Turkish planes to return the wounded to Turkey, or whether they will be tried in an Israeli court. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the meeting will reconvene tomorrow.