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South by south fest – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

South by south fest – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.

It’s In-D-Negev weekend!

Check out the article by Lea Penn in today’s Ha’aretz.

Israelis are flocking to the desert, where indie music is given room to shine. For many, the In-D-Negev festival is the closest thing Israel has to Austin or Glastonbury.”

In-D-Negev, the festival for independent music, artists and craftspeople takes place on Kibbutz Gvulot. This year it’s a 3-day festival.

Read more at the link above and check out the youtube clip:

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Massive rains this week in the Negev

It was all summer all the time:

Construction reaching soccer field
Construction reaching soccer field
Eshkol teams still practise here
Eshkol teams still practise here

Lots of rain for a few days

Huge downpours knocked out my telephone line for a while, but didn’t stop the construction at Ma’ale Habsor.

Some new shots:

Walls are growing
Walls are growing
One five p.m. shot
One five p.m. shot

What’s new?

  • Sederot has been qassamed once more.  There was no damage reported.
  • American elections are rocking the thought waves. What’s going to happen November 4th? We’ll all stay tuned
  • Music was the main event at InDNegev – a lot of English was being heard, as I was told English is the sound of ‘indie’. The Giraffot are a fine exception and sang to the full capacity crowd in Hebrew.
  • Let me know if you were there. What did you think?
  • Excuse the lack of posts recently but a back to school brain has left me a little drained.

Will return. Have a good weekend, all.

judih – oct 30/08

Creativity is the answer · Living in Otef Azza

Updated Update! This weekend! Oct 24/5: In “D” Negev, Cultural Happening

Indie Art and Music Festival, inDnegev.

It begins today at 12:00 p.m., noon at Mitzpe Gvulot. (map on Hebrew site, link below)

Tickets go on sale at the entrance to the Festival at 11:00 a.m.

For advance tickets, call Matan or Asaf at: 054-7919410. Price: 70 shekels for both days.

Tickets at the gate: 80 shekels for both days.

No single day tickets available.

Sleeping arrangements: There’s an area for tents and sleeping bags at the site.

Gvulot and nearby Tze’elim (five minutes away) have indoor sleeping arrangements (inexpensive).

Other kibbutzim in the area have possible rooms available, if you call ahead of time.

Try Kibbutz Nir-Oz or Kissufim, for example.

Other questions? Call Matan or Asaf at this number:

054-7919410. For further details, try the Indie Negev site (in Hebrew):

People! “In D Negev” festival, Mitzpeh Gvulot.

Are you gonna be there? Well, are you? Come on!

Check it out: 


in D negev, 2008

in D Negev

Oct 24 and 25, 2008 12:00 noon

In ‘D’ Negev” is an alternative culture enterprise. It aims to celebrate the festive essence and vitality of music and establish a bond with independent culture. The festival is geared to all people in general, and to the population of the Negev in particular.

The Negev, as with other aspects of current modern life, has been neglected down to the shoulders of the road. It’s time, it’s only natural that now its core is calling for bonding with honest, bare, original cutting edge music.

In D Negev is looking to bring the best of indie scenes to the families of Israel in the natural environment of the Negev. We’re looking to achieve a strong union – starting the formation of one big indie family.

This is an opportunity for artists to create fascinating new partnerships and, above all, be heard by an audience, hungry for new sounds. This is the chance to establish a long lasting collaboration.

We’re calling out:

Plug in!

Scream out loud!

Bring forth the blossoms in the cultural desert!

We’re calling all artists and musicians.

Contact us, now. 

Help us make the desert bloom!

To join the mailing list, e-mail: 
text adapted from Indie Negev,