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december 13, 2010

sit (f)ar sitar


link to audio, billy chuqui music, judih spoken word


december 8, 2010


Alchemy stirs winter fields

decay blankets innocence

in the throes of transition


crocus emerges

to the tune of a starling

the shuffle of leaves


Fallen pecans

alert the neighbours

scavenging  in shifts


the flux of the days

some search, some sit back and ponder


reality takes time

long papyrus centuries

unroll in holy sutra


november 10, 2010

Brief Morning Jam

fat mist-struck raindrops
bounce off street lamp
playing bongo on leaves
these dark times of sleepless nights
brain races through dilemmas

alone in a world of uncertainty
strange paws through hidden paths
creatures speaking code
linked in parallel planets
me an alien in distress

once i had a partner
ever present counselor
together we’d navigate
discover surprise, delight in mysteries
laugh at our psychoses

but this little child is now alone
waiting for the guillotine to fall
imagining life without a body part
a brain without a memory
in constant anxiety and dread


October 28, 2010

Remedies for a Broken Mind

douse the brain, pour it on
no matter what, just do it
flood till dam bursts
saturate escape routes

indulge, imbibe, apply liberally
bury air passages
no breath, no chance for regret
slather every open pore

wrap up, mummify
unplug phone, leave no notes
simple remedies for a broken mind
unproven & undefined



bus trip from Jerusalem

on the floor of the bus

two women talk about messiah

was he, will he be, will he be a she

heat bathing their legs

as rolling landscapes steam by

one messiah, two

give or take a tale

writhing in the sight of the holy rock

the sacred steps

the blessed benediction

hats, robes and scarves

modest garb

praying, believing, creating heat

air beware

all things must rise


May 6/10

Darkest Before the Dawn

Dr. James Leigh

Oil price gyrating 6%,
US$ rebounding,
€ diving,
civil riots pandemic,
universal economic distress,
natural and human caused catastrophes abound,
the EU vision dissipating,
the American dream has all but disappeared,
post AngloSaxonism is here,
the rise of the rest is here,
post globalization has come,
even post energy and post food.
The world is very nervous and …… enraged.
Macro-history forecasts: that is when it is most dangerous!
But it is always darkest before the dawn.


poems by judih

December 3/09

five-twenty a.m.

slow upbeat
softly the coffee cries dawn
human voices talk themselves silly
words over words
layer upon layer
slice through the noise
listen to emptiness

July 6/09

Steam Roller’d

vapours arise
release your sauna soulmates
undo the flat-iron building you’ve laid on my head
there must be a will, some way
why not jump an alp
let my inner forest rumble
no wilted mindforce inertia
ice cube crackdown

July 2/09

Somebody Left My Brain in the Sun

fear and loathing of sunburnt mind
blaming the weather,
the dog,
the early morning peacock
blaming the neighbour,
the flat tire,
the chlorinated water
the watermelon that isn’t yet cold
blaming the soup, the wilted lettuce
blaming the dying avocado,
the ficus that birthed a leaf
those poor wasps that simply had to leave
blaming the guilt of wasp denial
the horror of bites and stings past
blaming the mind that got left out in the sun
for sunburnt brain

January 5/09

Boom Cracka Cracka

Searching for buried treasure

rocket ploughs into earth,

alongside mouther ficus

her sweet tendrils caressing space

all safe, we cling to medusa overgrowth

all safe, we look into gaping hole.

all safe, we hope we have heard the last

boom cracka cracka clunk

till another rocket lands

Open Call for Peace and Understanding

Open Call For Peace & Understanding

Duet, sing with me

yeah, it’s open
door’s wide open
step in, step out
all one roof, no roof
look up and see blue sky
yes, it’s us and it’s now
step into the world
as a quiet nurturing place
where all we need exists
where all we want is only what we need
pure oxygen
pure water
basic food
a look in the eye of another
a heartfelt smile
no one takes from another
no need

unless the other one needs to give

accept the gesture
open call

now,  open

for living
peace is here if we want it
come on now
you know we want it

i want it

Poem for December 19, after the Ceasefire ceased to be

hey, dream on,
now, later and whenever
gotta look towards that goal
while the shots whizz by heads
and politicians work out deals
the underground peaceniks
pass out food and blankets
continuing reality sandwiches
while the dream covers cracked panes
painting a new ink blot
spreading hot cider and cinnamon
pass it round
pass it on
brewing hot love in the backroom
pass it on
finding cold corners
warming cold fingers
pass it on

judih dec/19/08

There are bombs, there are victims of brainwash, there are mourners, wounded, there are sounds that do not cease

Cry Sis

tears of Yes
across waters
as I fill lakes
abandoned by deserters
I cry sis
in agony torn from
death defying dragonflies
clinging to grapevines
small rains
in the sea
of hope
I cry sis
with power fire honey
drenching passionate
soaking us all
beyond skin
cry sis
cry brother
weep catharsis
over the planet
anguish overload
cries of pain
for those who cannot cry
and watch the cried out
simmer softly
into mist flecked stanzas
of love

Ugly Sometimes

There are bombs, there are victims of brainwash, there are mourners, wounded, there are sounds that do not cease
ugly sometimes
ugly relentlessly ugly sometimes
mind can’t see over the smoke
head bombarded with blasts of rocketfire
eyes see worse than eyes can stand

& over there in a soundproof room
sipping espressos, cocktails, lies
it’s so sweet, life’s beautiful, fighting over the tip
life’s good, endless paychecks doing endless jobs
life’s waiting like a ripe olive on an ancient tree
always bearing fruit, a bowlful of promises

but back here it’s ugly
ugly with more to come

led zeppelin squeals 60’s hope
but it’s goddamn ugly

judih nov 9/2008

mottled skyA massive bundle of compassion

by judih

how much compassion is enough?
how many gestures of selfless love will suffice?
when will giving be refused?
when will receiving be distasteful?

a massive bundle of loving kindness
passed from hand to hand
leaving traces of joy as it travels its path
forever moving, forever linking us all

2 Poems, May 2008

scraping out of tragedy

by judih

every word a blow
every look a shock
waking my sleepy mind

the roar of the war-planes
again fill the night
fear of tragedy
fear of being alone

news in the a.m.

by judih

had to do it
had to read the news
had to know who was the victim
who was traumatized
how much damage was doneand now it’s there
stuck in my mind
generations of children sent on their way
lost in a nightmare of anxious fear

that’s the story
a continuing saga
with bursts of pathos and dread

i used to read astrology
or pull my i ching
the days of messages from a bottle

but now, i’m the bad news
i share the bitter facts
on a morning ripe with potential

large wise humans
open my eyes
today is for the little chances
the speeding trains
and the slow-moving sheep
children ride horses
we smell the newly picked carrots
lush green fields feed our tomorrows

i do the japanese dance
i walk on, choose my pose
walk off

a moment is all i’ve got

16 thoughts on “Poetry Page – please respond

  1. here i sit
    bent over this keyboard
    eyes crossed after a day of numbers
    pausing to consider where i might escape to
    and with who

    where else would i go
    who else would i rather be with
    than you

    if i can’t hold your hand or hear your laughter,
    then let me hold your words and
    your images in my heart.

    and i do,
    and you are here with me —
    and i with you.

    love you friend,

  2. mine eyes have seen the glory
    the gory
    the inept
    the hopeful
    the saddened
    the troubled
    the frazzled
    the joyous
    the romantic
    the cynical
    seen all kinds of heat and cold
    watched fallen roofs
    and cloven hooves
    and vegetarians march to the tune of celtic flutes
    and heard the sights of unspoken dreams
    dripping with remorse
    mine eyes
    have seen your eyes
    a scene of unprocessed gasps

    april 27/09

  3. My wonderful mother used to say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. And in my waning life, as my sight (literally) leaves me, I have experienced that sometimes – when we are furthest away we have never been closer. Also just like a seed, it must be planted to die, and then it really can be fruitful – so we are the seed to be liberated through death to ultimate life! Meantime we do the “good” in hope for all.
    James Leigh

  4. Hi Judih,
    Thought I would leave profound comment that a stuudent of mine recently shocked my socks off with: “Whatever doesn’t break me strengthens me”.
    May we all be strengthened.
    Fond regards,
    James Leigh

  5. ouch

    welcome class
    ouch, she said
    bitten by a large creature with no concerns
    teacher falls down, plays dead
    hoping for no more.

    No more war, said Sa’adat, no more bloodshed
    ouch, she said
    shaken by a falling rocket
    house cracks, floors falter
    hoping for no more.

    inside her mind frazzles
    final moment brainstorm electric outtage
    ouch, she said
    then said no more

    november 2007

  6. hot summer

    too hot
    this summer day
    and yesterday
    and everyday
    how did this happen
    one small cycle
    and the dial bursts off the charts
    what’s 20 degrees that 30 can’t beat
    why not hang out at 35.
    Celsius is easier to chew
    than fahrenheit. (what-100?)
    35 is enough, thank you.

    so, if my jam is sticking to the jar
    i beg your melted indulgence
    tell me tales of cool breeze
    summer ponds

    i know beige and sand
    and shadowless fields
    the relief of a eucalyptus branch
    offering some cool
    the sound of flies
    catching the wind of a passing car

    hot summer
    barely begun

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