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IDF troops kill two Palestinian infiltrators on Gaza border – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

IDF troops kill two Palestinian infiltrators on Gaza border – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.

Early Friday around 3 a.m. this morning, we heard a huge boom, that sounded like it landed on the kibbutz. Then the sound of planes could be heard.

The first people at work this morning (mostly those who prepare the food and those who like to gather with them)  shared how they were awakened by the noise and wondered what had transpired. Me? I slept through it. But later on as I went through my day, I heard a boom that got the peacocks shrieking. Just like the old days * (*Last December/January in Operation Cast Lead)

Today we were messaged to stay indoors as there was an infiltration.  About an hour later, we were given the all-clear.

Here’s the article in Ha’aretz about what happened:

  • Published 03:30 21.05.10
  • Latest update 15:30 21.05.10

Israel jets strike Gaza in response to Qassam attack; IDF: Planes hit tunnel intended to facilitate a terror attack against Israeli citizens.

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January 19th, Kibbutz Nir-Oz, puppet therapy day

Last day of  at-home-non-school-going?

Our Eshkol Municipal Council has been getting us ready for resuming school tomorrow, Tuesday Jan.20th. Their website is active, posting updates, reassurances and telling us they’re trying to keep us safe.

Well, it’s now Monday, and I don’t hear sounds of qassams in this immediate area. This usually means nothing, since in the Northern part of Otef Aza near Sderot or down south near Kerem Shalom, things could be hopping. But I doubt it. The news is filled with Hamas declaring victory and Egyptians, French and Americans claiming they’ll guard the ceasefire.

Hmmm, I say. But still, no qassams this morning. Sounds of pilotless drones (Matzlatim) can be heard which is the best reassurance of all. Those planes survey the area from the air, keeping the best eye on what’s going on down on the ground.

I’m nervously about to engage in my puppet therapy. Why nervous? Because admitting to nerves, anxiety, fear now that it’s supposedly over takes courage. As long as the tension remains high, and the stress-coping mechanisms are in place, it’s simpler to live day-to-day.  When there’s a sudden transition to a new phase, one needs to assess the state of the mind, body and emotions.

Now’s the time for self-assessment. And that takes courage! What will I find?  Shrivelling jello? Tears? Laughter? One never knows what to expect till one jumps in and faces the facts.

Wish me luck!

unconditional love puppet
me with unconditional love puppet -therapy + camera

Kibbutz Life · Living in Otef Azza

Fast Update, December 27th, 2008

Eyewitness: What are we witnessing?

13:24 Dec 27

We were taking our Saturday walk – out of the kibbutz and towards the orange groves when we heard 9 booms in quick succession. When we turned around to look for signs of smoke, we saw grey smoke circling upward from the west. From the sound of the booms, it seemed fairly clear that it was the Israeli side taking action.

After 20 minutes, we started to get text messages confirming that it was the beginning of a military maneuvre and that we should be ready to take cover in shelters.

Now that we’re home, we’re tuned to Sky News and see that  140 residents of Gaza have been killed and about 200 wounded.

We’ve been told that we can find shelter in our Children’s Houses which are protected, and that we should stay close to any shelters on the kibbutz.

Update: 14:34, Dec 27

There’ve been Red Alerts as far east as Kiryat Gat. They’ve had their first qassam. Ashkelon has had some qassams. Netivot suffered a direct hit with one killed and 5 wounded.  So far,  on Nir Oz, we’re okay

Post here if you are an eyewitness and have information to share.

Judih, Kibbutz Nir-Oz, Otef Aza