ADHD or Attention Rich but Unsifted Syndrome

Let my CHARGING out, judih
Let my CHARGING out, judih

Highly Charged in all directions, with no place to go but everywhere to run

This is the world of the ADHD, labelled Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, but perhaps more accurately called a condition of being Attention rich but unable to sift out stimulation. This, then is the world of Attention R USS.

On this page, I’d like to gather the latest articles, links and observations concerning the world of Attention R USS, or Attention Rich but UnSifted Syndrome.


Sept 14, 2009

The Fabulous Calming Breath Technique for Relaxation and Centering

And one more round of applause for the fabulous calming breath technique.

details: It was time for a ‘diagnostic english test’ for my group of special ed tenth graders. This involved a reading passage, which i read to them, but their having to deal with understanding new vocabulary words in order to answer questions.
Before you could say ‘total freak out’, there was a small room filled with fear and horror of being stuck in such a predicament.

Usually sane individuals were almost frothing at the mouth. Apparently they don’t dig tests and being new to teach them, i hadn’t realized how high their trepidation could reach.

Lo and behold, i pulled out the bag of tricks. Calming words. “You can do this. Just try.” “Even trying to try is good!” And as their fear grew more out of control. I told them: ‘Just exhale” and i let out a huge sound filled exhale, myself. Let the fresh air come in. Then i did it again. Huge sound of exhale. I was beginning to feel much better! Then one pupil asked me to do it again. They were beginning to laugh at me (calming influence) but I was getting all the benefit as I happily exhaled loud one more time.

Exhaling and letting air slide in to refresh centres the belly, relaxes tension and I’m so grateful that they were nervous wrecks so that I could take the time to breathe this heaven-sent relaxing way.

So, let’s hear it for the mighty Exhale!

September 16, 2009

3 thoughts on “ADHD or Attention Rich but Unsifted Syndrome

  1. Thanks so much for commenting!
    Linda D! you are pure joy.

    Brian – exhale – it’s so simple isn’t it?
    wish i’d remembered to exhale in today’s grade 8 class.

    instead, i put on “We are the Champions” while trying to beguile them to play Memory with their vocabulary words.
    Music is another joy – any excuse to rise above the claustrophobia that is a classroom at the end of a long, hot day.

  2. Wow! Thanks for this website Judih! Interesting article here. Wonderful story about the calming breath technique. And I also enjoyed reading “catzgalore”s thoughts. I’ve enjoyed my first step into this website, and I’m eager to read more!!



  3. As my son and I went down the road making numerous U-turns trying to find our way, we kept saying, we are ADD, we are NOT stupid. Turns out that it wasn’t us at all, we had been given the wrong address. Typical, isn’t it, that we who are the Creative of the world blame ourselves when it isn’t always. I love how you turn it to the positive. It is indeed attention richness; but we are the one that notice the moths. It is also unsifted, too much to handle all at once. That is indeed the time for the Mighty Exhale! Linda D from long ago

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