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Feb 27th – when morning ground tilts

There’s been a rather constant tilt of ground underneath my feet since the january ‘Operation Cast Lead’ era. We stopped being called ‘wartime’ and began the old familiar daily qassams and occasional views of mushroom clouds over Rafiah in the Gaza Strip.

What’s going on?

Where’s our government? What’s taking so long? What am I waking up to, walking towards? What am I going to see, hear as I go through my day?

Every hour is a new hour with questions often answered by further questions. The life of external circumstance takes on added weight of inner what-the-hell’s-goin-on.

And so, I write little on this blog.

 I await the big Announce! The kind of blog post that rings with capital letters and happy imagery!

‘The new government has arrived,’ I so wish to write. ‘This fine new coalition has dedicated itself to intense, brain-tank kind of brilliance in all policy. Every step will lead to the final goal of peace with our neighbours, employment and housing for all, creative energy to invest in education, fortification of those who need to implement the change and, of course, time on the weekend to relax.’

Wouldn’t that be a fabulous blog post! Well, as long as I’m here, I’ll admit that the blog post I wanna write is not today’s blog post.

Today’s blog post can talk about green wheatfields and sandstorms with orange air and thick dust everywhere. The blog post can mention the thick layers of dust all over the English storage room books of joy and edification. The blog post of today can speak of inordinate amounts of work to be done for students who need to pass their final matriculation exams and who are wrestling with self-image, world-image, learning disabilities and a teacher who keeps finding that the ground is tilting beneath her.

Perhaps I should note that there’s thunder (real thunder this morning) and rain, while there’s sunshine nonchalantly beaming away.

view from my front door, feb 27
view from my front door, feb 27

This blog post can mention that humour still exists in the world and that music is often more humourous than excellent. This blog post can recommend Thelonious Monk along with Brewer’s Yeast for a complete diet of nutritional additives.

This blog post can admit to being a Friday full of who-knows-what. Facebook fed and flickr enhanced, this blog poster is about ready to admit that even caffeine does not make the world right. But in case it might, here’s a photo of our new cappuccino maker:


'Forever' cappuccino maker
'Forever' cappuccino maker

And if you have any suggestions to help gravity do the job, bring em on.