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Jan 24th a day in the life

It’s been very confusing these past few days.

We’ve gone from absolutely unpredictable days of rocket alerts and sunshine, Army-restricted daily schedules together with supremely gorgeous weather to this: return of school, tests, Matriculation exams, weather featuring colder and hotter temperatures, sand-hazy air to moments of rain.

My perfect health and oh-so-careful regime of letting off stress and steam during Operation Cast Lead has progressed to getting through the day and promptly catching a cold. Waltz with Bashir

My intent to sit down with Waltz With Bashir has left me even more confused.

I didn’t like it. (What? Did I say that out loud?) It’s not cool to not like it. It’s won awards and is up for an Emmy.
Achinoam Nini
Achinoam Nini

What about the Charity Concert for Gazans? Achinoam Nini (Noa) and her open letter to Palestinians commiserating with their rule by Hamas (even though they elected them) and promising to come sing anyway has faced huge uproar from Palestinians and has cancelled her appearance at that concert.

Friends donating goods to citizens in the Strip are faced with applause from some and amazement from others. The opinions are fast and furious. You can read about it in this JPost article.

I don’t know what to think and hence, I haven’t been writing. My throat grew to the size of a skinny straw surrounded by huge glands of angst. No swallowing, and stuffed up confusion render this human being unable to blog.

My photos are of an innocuous nature: my sons, my nephew, my friends, their friends. These are too private to post here on this community blog. What can I say? Laundry goes on, crows are verbose, the orange groves are still filled with fruit. Where are the pickers? What will become of those waiting for the luscious citrus fruit?

Orange trees, laden with fruit
Orange trees, laden with fruit

I hope to return with something, something, soon. Meanwhile, hope you’re safe and well,