NLP – What is NLP – John Grinder on youtube

John Grinder, 2003

As a special ed teacher of students of English as a foreign language, I’m always using positive feedback to encourage their feeling of success.

Now that I’m beginning the study of NLP (in a course offered by the Histadrut for teachers in Be’er Sheva), under Boris Meltser, I’m trying to embed NLP techniques into my repertoire.

Looking through my notes, I’m reading again and again that positive language chunks and belief in a positive outcome shape the mind, body, heart -set towards attaining a goal.

I find John Grinder, c0-founder of NLP together with Richard Bandler, to be very clear and concise in his definition of what is NLP.

“NLP gives you a specific set of strategies to unconsciously assimilate precisely the differences” between what makes the difference between “a genius and an average performer in the same niche.

It’s an accelerated learning strategy – it’s a mapping of tacit to explicit knowledge

it’s a programme that allows you to explore one extreme of human behaviour – namely excellence.”

So, NLP, in summary in its heart, in its core  activity is the modelling of excellence which includes a phase of unconscious assimilation in which you suspend all attempts, conscious processes,  to make meaning of your experience in favour of registering it with macro or micro muscle movements and imitating the behaviours which make the difference between the genius and the average in parallel contexts until you can produce in your behaviour and evoke from your group the same responses with the same quality and roughly the same time frame. That’s criteria. Until you achieve that criteria, you remain imitative.”

Take a look at the clip.