Living in Otef Azza

Happy Shavuot Holiday – Hag ha Bikorim Sameah

June 9, 2008

Today, on most kibbutzim, we celebrate Shavuot, Hag ha Bikorim. This harvest holiday, rooted in agriculture, offers gifts of dried fruit, breads, wheat to others in what commemorates a ritual of offering thanks for a rich harvest.

Today in some kibbutzim this festive holiday has been cancelled.

Kibbutz Nirim, where Amnon Rosenberg was laid to rest last week is one such kibbutz. Ein Hashofet, near Megiddo is another, in which a young member just passed after a long illness.

Here, in hot, hot weather of over 42 degrees C, the outdoor visits to the fields will be hard-going for most, but such is the cycle of life round here.

Happy whole wheat bread to all.

(rolls baked with whole wheat & bran – bon appetit)

-judih, june 9/08