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December 18th, evening before official end of ‘Regiya’ (‘Ceasefire’)


So, how do you feel this night before the end of the six-month Regiya?

Well, to tell you the truth, and much to my dismay, I feel a little nervous.

That’s the truth, people. How would you feel after the six month ‘calming down’? After all, during this so-called easing off period, qassams fell, the Red Alert (Tzeva Adom) was sounded, and as we heard booms we cell-phoned our families and friends to determine the location of the blast.

It hasn’t been totally peaceful. It has kept us on our toes. According to the Sderot Media Centre, qassams are still being assembled in workshops in the Gaza Strip. Is there reason to assume that there’ll be a lessening of attacks?

How would you feel if you were neighbours with a people who have the same legitimate needs for a safe, secure homeland as they did before?

Has anything changed except the date on the calendar?

How do you feel? Are you wondering if the kibbutzim of Otef Aza are in any better position politically than they were before? Has anything been implemented to secure our daily lives? Do we have promises of renewed efforts for peacemaking? Do we have solid evidence that we’re working towards a solution?

Yet, nervousness aside. Nothing is new. This is our life. This is the country we live in. We live in the joy of daily pastoral life and the awareness that interruptions are inevitable.

We walk fields in the Negev, not city streets in urban smog. Yes we have an onslaught of flies, but they’re flies, not car fumes.

We meditate, we sing, we dance. We write, we talk. We give birth, we bury our dead, we live our lives. This is the deal. And we signed up the moment we were born.


What else is new?

Ma’ale Habsor and Habsor Schools have opened up a competition to choose the name of the new unified school. Have an idea? Post your ideas here, with your name, and they’ll be submitted on your behalf.

Chanukah vacation is approaching. The construction is zooming ahead.

basket ball court
Basketball court

Dec 18/08 School
Dec 18/08 School

We’ll be back to share our experiences as the December 19th deadline rolls around.

Best wishes to you all, wherever you are,


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p.s. Please share your experiences from your location, if you’re in Otef Aza.




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