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Art Exhibit, Ma’ale Habsor/Habsor Schools, combined 12th grade final project

Annual 12th Grade Art Exhibit: Art majors of Ma’ale Habor and Habsor High Schools.

Every year, the Ma’ale Habsor art department exhibits final projects in two beloved studios – one for paintings and the other for sculptures & other installations. This year with the building of the new combined school, our art studios have shifted to the campus of  Habsor High School.

I attended the opening of the exhibit, this past Saturday, the 21st of March. We expected signs and arrows but had to search for the Show. Finally, we found one well-lit path leading to a dramatic entrance. We crossed over a floor of upturned plastic water bottles, framed by a flowing effect of streaming water.

Here is a partial shot of Shira Florentine’s work:

Melany&Shira with Shira's work
Melany&Shira with Shira's work

Leaving this building, we went on a search for more student’ work. The path was not so well-lit this time. I hit a few dead-ends until I found someone to ask and  others to follow. We were a collection of slow pilgrims, clutching to one another as we made our way through the school’s main plaza over to the darkened side of the school. Clutching to wisps of light and hoping to hear sounds of ‘art’, we kept on.

Then, we arrived at a table laden with drink, cake and cookies! Tell-tale signs of Art Exhibit, we knew we were on the right trail. Sure enough, we found a few more buildings housing treasures.   

Galit's cut-out 1
Galit's cut-out 1Galit's cut-out2Galit's cut-out3
I liked Galit’s cut-outs very much. They used the space as well as using the mind – reality and imagination intertwined in a minimalist way. (Galit Fleissh)
Dana - life during tough situations
Dana - life during tough situations.


Dana Lev, a student from Kibbutz Magen works in the Children’s House and spent most of the January “operation” comforting the little kids and using art to help them express themselves.This piece also helped her digest the experience.

Melany's work
Melany’s work

Melany Rosemberg

lives on Kibbutz Gvulot, a place that was relatively quiet during the ‘operation’ but this piece illustrates that feeling of an oasis amongst the headlines and booms. Works for me.

Bat Chen's installation with video clip
Bat Chen's installation with video clip
Bat-Chen Shalev presented a welcoming dinner table with candles and chairs. The viewer stands at one end of the table, viewing the dinner prayer ceremony in progress on the video.We watch a family around the table, a religious family, chanting prayers, continual prayers.The secular audience stands, silently watching.
Guy Livnat's work
No art exhibit is complete with photographs (Lee Idises)or dragons (Guy Livnat).
Noa Ben Barak
Lee Idises
Lee’s work.
The show is open until the end of this week. If you’re in the area, drop in to Habsor School, Moshav Tzohar, Eshkol Municipality.
Here’s a link to the School site where you can see more artwork:
The students’ names are written in Hebrew, so just click onto each one to have a closer look. Bat-Chen’s is first and was photographed in daylight.
Have a good week. It’s good to talk art – politics is beyond words, these days.