jan 1st 2010

Gorgeous day.

Until the termites.

Sudden secret dirt tunnels embedded into the record album rack.

Upon investigation, yes, the Frank Zappa, the Toscanini and the Magical Mystery Tour albums had been consumed in the termite obsession for fibre.

Magical Mystery Tour, Beatles

Living in the desert, our homes are built on sand, some of which includes termite nesting grounds and some ant breeding grounds. Take your pick. I’d prefer ants.

Termites in the Negev. Wooden, fine wooden furniture built especially for mini living spaces as are our kibbutz places, offer invitations to these aboriginal termites. Such was my day when Zappa was revealed as chomped.

In other news, the Kibbutz Dining Room was well filled – lots of second generations with their children.

Tonight is the official New Year’s Party at the Pub. Since tomorrow is not a working day, it’s only natural that the New Year would be celebrated a day later than the rest of the planet.

Hope your New Year brings you closer to longer days and creativity within.

Kibbutz Nir-Oz