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NLP in the Negev! Einav Ein-Gedi speaks to Judih

I’m talking with Einav Ein-Gedi

Einav Ein-Gedi

J: Einav, could you please introduce yourself?

E: I’m Einav and I work as a Dental Hygienist in our Dental Clinic on Kibbutz Nir-Oz and on Kibbutz Shoval

Kibbutz Shoval

and, also, I work as a practitioner of NLP and Guided Imagery.

J: How did you first encounter NLP?

E: I met a student who was working in NLP. At the time I was searching for a method that  worked  with the mind and the sub-conscious. And I discovered this method, which I think is truly excellent

J: Yes, I agree! Who was your teacher?

E: I studied under Yael Reiss.

She deals with therapeutic NLP rather than commercial NLP for business. Later on, I completed further training for business, but I tend to deal more in the realm of therapy.

J: Which techniques do you like? Are there those that you find yourself returning to, that you find especially effective?

E: No, it really depends on each individual. It’s very personal. Not everyone can relate to guided imagery, and, at the beginning, first steps are needed to expose them to what it is and how it works. The moment the mind is prepared and the client learns how to use it, it is a very powerful tool, a unique technique that gives relatively fast results.

J: Do you work with people of all ages?

E: Yes.  I choose the techniques that especially suit the person, together with their full cooperation, of course.

J: I see.

What kinds of conditions do you treat?

E: I work with fear, sometimes. Whether it be generalized fear held by people, or fear towards a specific situation that might have resulted in a trauma. They come to me wishing to address that situation and repair it.  In such a case, we’d work with the technique called Time Line, if you’ve heard of it.

J: Yes.

E: Or other examples: there are those who’d like to improve their quality of life, to get to a state of quiet, of inner relaxation. They want to learn to focus on the important things, rather than the superfluous.

There are so many instances, really.  NLP can be used to address many situations, and we look for a specific starting point.  We work on one particular subject, usually, rather than several at one time.  And usually, through that one subject, we get to other sorts of things.

Throughout this process, we periodically check to see that everything is okay, that we are fully addressing the required issues, before proceeding.

It’s highly personal, and so the treatment must perfectly suit the person and their needs at that moment in order to allow them to fully connect to the technique.  Even if there might be a technique more suitable to a certain situation, if the person doesn’t relate to it, it won’t be of service.

J: Einav, are you pleased that you studied NLP?

E: Extremely.

J: Do you feel that it’s given you, yourself, something

E: Yes, on a personal level, it’s given me a lot, as well as the possibility to help others.

J: Do you use techniques on yourself?

E: Yes.

J: Could you offer an example of one such technique?

E: Yes, I did a Time Line on myself. I had a dream one night that was connected to my mother, and within the process of using the timeline technique, I was able to repair a situation, and it was truly amazing.

J: oh wow

E: Yes, it was very powerful.

NLP also helps me a lot with the other types of work that I do,whether it be in my choice of speech, in my way of relating to others or in my way of thinking. It has really helped me in my work with others.

J: Great to hear. Where are you located?

E: At the Clinic on Kibbutz Shoval. It’s called the Green Hut. (Ha Tzrif haYarok in Hebrew)

J: And your phone number there ?

E: At the clinic it’s: 08- 9916 442  or 052-2297897

J: Great, thank you very much.


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