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Israel is 64 years old

Amazing, really. Sixty-four years old. That’s all. Only slightly older than me.

Just for example, I live in the desert. I walk through fields irrigated with recycled sea water. Orange orchards grow, while my feet tramp through sand. Communities of kibbutzim stalwartly plow, harvest, market. They raise chickens, beef cattle, dairy cattle. Flowers are cultivated in hothouses under the beating sun.  Industry is low-key, although on a windy day, we smell the chemicals from the kibbutz 20 kms away.

Our school has 900 students. The elementary school has another 300 or so.

Young people come, go. Older people keep working past retirement age.  Some of course don’t work and age is immaterial.

But here I am – on a kibbutz younger than me – 50 something.

People with a plan and determination and the ability to live together, support one another, can accomplish a reasonable lifestyle.


And optimism is easier to foster with a little music. Here’s Gadi Haggai playing a variation of To Be (Coltrane) at our Memorial Day Service on Kibbutz Nir Oz.



2 responses to “Israel is 64 years old

  1. talkingnow ⋅

    Thanks, Martina, for reading, for supporting and for being so generous and loving

  2. You, your blogs, your poetry, your puppets–all amazing and beautiful and wonderful. Happy Birthday Israel, thank God for you, Judih and for Israel as well.

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