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Rocket fire Purim

All seemed to be sweet-ish

the usual Purim costumes – animals with whiskers, soccer players, dyed hair and quickie cartoon tattoos.

Then came the evening. Qassams, mortars, Red Alerts to stay in our shelters. Some wounded, some damage and the ever-present lack of knowing exactly where what fell. Saturday morning in the kibbutz. No Purim festivities today and we’ve been told to stay close to shelters.

May this end soon. No one gains from bomb attack,7340,L-4200738,00.html


2 responses to “Rocket fire Purim

  1. You are in my heart and in my prayers daily. I love you, Judih.

  2. I pray for your safety and the safety of all of your brothers and sisters/family/friends, etc. You are always in my heart, Judih. I love you dearly.

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