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Egypt is opening the Rafiah Crossing

Rafiah is extremely close to the Eshkol Regional Council (including Kibbutz Nir Oz, Nirim, Ein HaShlosha, Sufa, Kerem Shalom, Nir Itzhak) and the Israel Project uploaded an interactive map which illustrates the current situation with rocket attacks. What will be the result of allowing free access via Rafiah?

The Israel Project (TIP):

Egypt to Open Border
with Gaza: New Threats to Israel Feared

  • Israel fears Hamas’ acquisition of illicit weapons to attack Israel 
  • Israel treats thousands of Gazans at Israeli hospitals yearly 
  • 50,000 tons of imports enter Gaza through Israel’s crossings biweekly
Jerusalem, May 26 – Egypt said yesterday that it would open its Rafah border crossing with Gaza on Saturdayraising fears that it will be easier for Iranian-backed Hamas to import weapons used to attack Israeli civilians.

The rest of the article can be seen here

click onto the link to take a look at the geography and the facts behind the 328 rockets fired into our area.

TIP interactive map

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