NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming. An Interview with Boris Meltser, part 2

Boris Meltser teaching NLP

I continue my interview with Boris Meltser, Master Practitioner and teacher of NLP.

J: You are planning to write a book. Can you briefly describe what you’re going to cover?

B: I’m planning to write two books actually:  one in Hebrew and one in Russian. There aren’t many books in Hebrew (or translated from English) on the actual practice of NLP. In fact there aren’t many books in English.

The book in Hebrew will cover most of the NLP practitioner topics in a way that is accessible to anybody without any previous knowledge. I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible. A teacher from my Jerusalem group might be able to help me with editing in order to make it available to people in a simple way.

As for the Russian book, I know that there are a lot of Russian books on this topic, written by Russian authors, so in this book I’ll cover my own discoveries or explorations of NLP, and also I’ll deal with NLP in combination with other studies such as hypnosis, guided imagery or yoga and meditation, all as a way of connecting to your personal luck. This is similar to what is discussed in The Secret, the movie and the book. And I will cover how the use of NLP techniques can help to achieve this.

J: Do you have any other plans for the future that you’d like to share?

B: Any other plans? Yes, I have plans and I hope they will be successful. I wish to expand my teaching to areas outside of Israel, such as Russia and some western European centers. There is a project in Spain, for example. I’m looking for people who can organize groups for me in various locations so that I can come and teach NLP in two-day workshops.

At the beginning of May, I will be going to Russia, to the Ukraine in order to teach in a Master Practitioner course. A colleague of mine has invited me to conduct part of the training session.  I’ve had to postpone some of my lessons here in Israel, for this.

J: Are you excited to be involved in this?

B: Yes, I’m very excited! This will present a good start for making connections to open up other groups in Russia. I offer something different in that I combine a western view of NLP with the eastern view.

J: Can you say a few words about your NLP Center in Tel Aviv. Where is it, when was it founded, what services are provided there?

B: It’s not exactly an NLP center. “All Directions” was created together with my former girlfriend, Ella, and offers many different directions, as its name implies. We offer sessions in Family Constellations, Osho groups based on Osho meditations, Meditation Groups and early childhood therapy called Primal Feelings. We also bring trainers from abroad. So these groups are conducted by local trainers and guest trainers.

I’d say that currently, we are concentrating on three main streams: NLP and guided imagery; family constellations by Bert Hellinger, from Austria; and Osho meditation and Osho-based groups.

We also have rebirthing and yoga and many other directions but they are less emphasized than the three I’ve mentioned.

J: Do any of your associates work in Russian or English, as well as Hebrew?

B: They work in Russian and Hebrew, not in English but there are trainers from abroad who teach their courses in English with Russian translation. These groups attract English-speakers and Israelis who understand the language. Most Russians in Israel, however, don’t speak English very well, so we use translation.

J: Do you have any other comments, or are there any questions that you wish I would have asked?

B: Nothing else. Nothing specific that I can think about. But feel free to ask me any further questions you might have.

Boris Meltser, teaching NLP in Be'er Sheva

J: Thank you, Boris.

Please click onto ‘All Directions’ or Civunei HaRuah ) for more information about the Center in Tel Aviv.

For any further questions, please contact Boris (in English, Hebrew or Russian) at

or talkingnow at  For Part 1, click here.

Civunei haRuah or All Directions

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