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Trapped in the ADHD-industrial complex, article by Katherine Ellison

I came upon this article this morning in a forum for ADD. Katherine Ellison did some personal research for herself and her son and her findings are worth reading. Everything she tried leads up to a good doable daily routine which she mentions towards the end. Here’s an excerpt, but please click on the link to read the entire piece – judih.

Stacy Innerst / Post Gazette

KATHERINE ELLISON tells one mother’s story of struggling to cope with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Sunday, December 05, 2010

As the mother of a teenager who was diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in 2004, I wasn’t surprised to read the new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that said the number of ADHD cases in children jumped by 22 percent between 2003 and 2007 — an increase of 1 million kids.

From the day my son started school, I’ve watched popular awareness of the disabling distraction rise, to the point where it’s easy to believe the CDC estimate that one in 10 U.S. children — 5.4 million kids — now has ADHD, as reported by their families. This might even be positive news, in that at least some kids who need medical attention are getting it.

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just one more quote:

I am relieved to report that despite many setbacks, my son and I made some progress by the end of my year. I suspect that his time on medication helped us out of a crisis and gave him a useful taste of what it felt like to have more self-control. It may also be true that our budget-breaking neurofeedback treatments helped curb his irritability and my anxiety.

I also discovered that some of the most effective interventions are also the simplest and cheapest, such as educating myself enough to know how much of my son’s behavior is truly within his control and getting in the habit of finding something to praise about him every day.

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