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5,000 acres torched in blaze – Israel News, Ynetnews

5,000 acres torched in blaze – Israel News, Ynetnews.

Since yesterday, a raging fire on Mt. Carmel, has destroyed 1.5 million trees and killed 41 people. 15, 000 residents have been evacuated.

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5,000 acres torched in blaze


Firefighters say blocked giant blaze in Tirat Carmel after thousands of residents evacuated from northern towns, neighborhoods. Greek, Bulgarian planes land in northern base, to be briefed by Air Force chief on extinguishing efforts


Ahiya Raved

Latest Update:

Residents of the northern city of Tirat Carmel stood shocked before a wall of flames Friday, after some 5,000 of their neighbors had already been evacuated from their homes. Firefighters said Friday morning that they had succeeded in blocking the fire in the town before it did any damage.


The first to respond to Israel’s cry for help was Greece, and a number of the country’s planes landed at the Ramat David base overnight and early in the morning. The firefighters aboard will be briefed by Air Force chief Ido Nehushtan on extinguishing efforts, which will concentrate on drawing water from the sea and pouring it over the flames. A Bulgarian mission, which includes a plane carrying a hundred firefighters led by the country’s deputy foreign minister, is also at ready.



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With Israel’s total lack of rainfall, we’re depending on other countries for help, and help has arrived from Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and others.


Forty dead were prison guards who were trapped in a bus by a flaming fallen tree. Astoundingly grave situation.

There are hopes to have the fire under control within 48 hours.


Meanwhile, all residents of Israel are being asked to open their doors to accommodate the 15,000 from the North who’ve had to vacate their homes.


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12.03.10, 08:29 / Israel News  



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