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Gaza’s unstable border
By • Ron Ben-Yishai
Wed Nov 17 2010 02:53:22

Ynet special: While relative lull continues, major Gaza Strip clash expected sooner or later

Last Wednesday, Israel Defense Forces troops on the Gaza border heard the code-word on their radios alerting them to possible infiltration into Israeli territory. Combat units went on alert and the northern division commander in the Gaza Brigade, Colonel Ofer Levy, cut short a briefing and focused on managing the incident. He was informed that an IDF patrol spotted suspicious indications by the fence that may attest to infiltration by terrorists, or job-seekers.

In such cases, the speed of the IDF’s response is critical. Every minute of delay may exact human life. Only hundreds of yards separate the border fence and tens of thousands of Israelis who live and work east of it, in 34 communities. Under such circumstances, any person who manages to cross the fence, above or below ground, may become a suicide bomber. Alternately, a group of terrorists may aim to abduct another soldier, in order to boost Hamas’ bargaining power.

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