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Protesters Who Attacked Israeli Soldiers aboard Ship Likely Turks – The Israel Project

Protesters Who Attacked Israeli Soldiers aboard Ship Likely Turks – The Israel Project.

Good morning. I read this article published by The Israel Project, an international non-profit org, and want to bring it to your attention.

All nine protesters killed Monday (May 31) aboard a Gaza-bound Turkish ship carrying weapons-wielding activists are believed to be Turkish nationals and were backed by the IHH, an Islamist Turkish group connected to global jihadi networks.[1] The incident occurred after Israel Navy personnel attempted to stop the ship from illegally entering Gaza and were attacked by self-described human rights activists[2] with knives, clubs and other weapons.[3] About 400 of the 700 people participating in the six-vessel flotilla were Turks.[4]

The IHH (Insani Yardim Vakfi – “humanitarian relief fund”) operated the Turkish ship, the Mavi Marmara, which was en route to Gaza as part of the flotilla on a self-described humanitarian mission. IHH has provided financial support to Iran-backed Hamas and has ties to global jihadi networks and the Muslim Brotherhood – a global umbrella Islamic organization of which Hamas is a branch – as well as mujahideen groups in Afghanistan.[5]

In 2006, a study conducted by the Danish Institute for International Studies showed that the IHH was involved in planning an al-Qaeda attack against Los Angeles International Airport in 1999. IHH reportedly acquired forged documents, enlisted operatives and delivered weapons to al-Qaeda in preparation for the attack, which was ultimately foiled.[6]

The Danish study also cites a French intelligence report which stated that in the mid-1990s the IHH sent a number of operatives into war zones in Muslim countries to get combat experience. The report said that IHH transferred money and “caches of firearms, knives and pre-fabricated explosives” to Muslim fighters in those countries.[7]

Israeli officials have expressed concern that Islamist groups that endanger Israeli national security now have considerable influence within the Free Gaza movement, the group that organized the flotilla.  According to the group’s own mission statement, We agree to adhere to the principles of nonviolence and nonviolent resistance in word and deed at all times.”[8] Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Itamar Rabinovich said the group is “a front for a radical Islamist organization, probably with links to the ruling party in Turkey.”[9]

Turkey – a secular country with a Muslim majority – has been a major regional ally of Israel in the past, but the relationship has cooled recently, especially after Turkey lashed out against Israel’s December 2008-January 2009 defensive military operation in Gaza.[10] Israel carried out the operation to stop more than 10,000 rockets being fired at civilians by terrorist groups.[11] Additionally, Turkey has supported a more conciliatory approach to Iran, in contrast to the United States, Israel and other Western countries who want a new round of sanctions to prevent the Islamic Republic from developing nuclear weapons.[12]

All of the ships in the flotilla defied warnings by the Israeli Navy not to violate Israeli law by landing in Gaza.[13] Israel ordered the vessels instead to dock in the nearby port city of Ashdod to unload the cargo for security inspections and land delivery to Gaza.[14] Despite the refusal of all six ships to detour to Ashdod, the Turkish passenger ship was the only vessel where a major confrontation took place.[15]”

Please go to the link to read the rest. Further on there’s a detailed list of the Aid that’s been going into Gaza since the end of  “Operation Cast Lead”


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