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Friday, November 20, 2009

My daughter, Zohar, has been shooting flowers on the kibbutz.

…. We’ve had some rain this week – close to 2 mm (in some parts of the country, there’s been up to 90 mm rainfall, but we’re desert, after all).


There was a qassam fired just north of us and a ‘Red alert’ in our neighbouring kibbutz, but we’re alright.

We are living with tractors and dirt piles while protected shelters are being installed on our kibbutz.

Flu- I got hit but only with a short-term brand. Two members of the kibbutz suffered through H1N1 but are well recovered, now.

School – Life continues in Nofei Habsor Comprehensive School.  Friendships are being made. Teachers are being challenged. So, what’s new?

My classes are well, alive, breathing, learning.

The Leonid meteor showers came and went with some overcast skies. Unfortunately, 3 a.m. peak viewing hour on November 18th coincided with my peak flu symptoms and I didn’t venture out. I hope Arieh Schkolnik has some news.

Have a good weekend!



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