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Forgive my silence – i’ve been transitioning

Shalom to all

It’s been a time of new changes:

Our school has become Nofei Habsor, a composite of the Moshav School and the Kibbutz School. We are hi-tec, large in area and number. Our prep work now includes creating computer lessons as well as the essential elements of teaching.

I now carry a laptop as well as all my books. Sometimes I weigh in with an additional 3 kg CD/tape recorder. Many teachers have taken to trolleys and the sounds of wheels accompany their travellings.

In order to be ‘normal’ I’ve used Om Mani Padme Hum in the mornings. Taken daily, it’s a delightful way to prepare for highly complicated days.

Our kibbutz is under construction. The Ministry of the Interior has commanded that each home/room be given a security structure. So, along with tractors, workers and noise, we have piles of sand, sliced telephone and internet cables, electricity breaks and a sense of hope that the current structures need never be put to the test. In my backyard, i’ve got some footings cemented in and sand piles awaiting further phases of building.

Sorry for not writing. Hope you’re well


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