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August 13th – soldier may have been kidnapped by previously unheard of Palestinian group

We’re just now hearing the news on TV about an abduction of an Israeli soldier.

This is what’s to be found on Ha’

Report: Palestinian group says kidnapped IDF soldier
By Yuval Goren, Haaretz Correspondent and Haaretz Service
Tags: roadblocks, Israel news
A previously unknown Palestinian group calling itself the “Al-Quds Army” claimed that it had kidnapped an Israeli soldier on Thursday, the Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported.

“A group of our resistance fighters captured an Israeli soldier near Ben Gurion airport and withdrew along with the soldiers peacefully – later we will give details about the

captured soldier,” the statement said.

The Israel Defense Forces said they were investigating reports of a kidnapped soldier.

“The matter is being investigated,” a military spokeswoman told Ma’an when asked about the reports.

Channel 10 news reported that the IDF was investigating a report filed by a woman soldier who said she had seen a soldier being abducted.

Meanwhile, police set up roadblocks across central Israel causing severe traffic congestion in several areas.

Police have set up roadblocks on many main arteries asking all drivers to slow down and submit to a security check.

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