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August 12th – jet lagged but back

The sunrise seen from an airplane makes planetary living just a little more thrilling. It’s good to rise above daily circumstance and experience life from a different plane.

IMG_4589I was in Toronto for a short 2-week visit. Filled with love and hugs (but never enough), I return to a hot dusty Negev. Afternoon walks provide immediate brown fields, steaming that distinctive stink of organic fertilizer. Flat lands remain flat, even after experiencing green ups and downs experienced in Canada.

We’ve arrived to the beginning of the installation of our protective structures. The kibbutz will soon be tunnelled and readied for sewers and the upheaval of shovel and crane. Half of the structures will be built elsewhere and lowered onto the cement bases about to be prepared. The other half will be built on-site, meaning constant noise and workers threading through our year.

School about to begin at the end of August is still being built. Most of the buildings are ready, except for the library, but the beautiful Ma’ale Habsor landscape is now dust and dirtpiles. Our wonderful landscape gardeners, especially Neomit Dekel-Chen, are wearing themselves to the bone hoping to provide the rich paradise they were imagining.

English teachers will be alone in our old English Centre, with grass and trees, while the rest of the staff will be stationed in various buildings. We’re going to be living a new reality.

But all that pales in the light of politics and heat. The new Fatah with its new upgraded denial of Israel’s right to talk peace will make these new protective structures even more timely. For a while, we were hoping that we’d simply have a room, just in case. I fear that the ‘in case’ might be a matter of ‘when’.

Kurt Rostek, 2009

Kurt Rostek, 2009

Due to jet lag, I dare not censor what I’m writing – who knows what’s clear these days. I can attest to the fact that while walking in 24degree celsius delight last week, along Queen Street West, amongst galleries (my friend Kurt Rostek‘s show at the New Gallery) and sidewalk cafes, I was able to breathe and enjoy normal weather. But home is always sweet and once more being able to participate in a t’ai chi class makes it all seem more like home sweet home.

Watch out for the Perseids tonight! And I’ve been assured that we’re in for a dynamic power meteor shower towards the end of December, so get your star-eyes steady.

Will be back when I can find my sanity.

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