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Last Day of School Year! June 17, 2009

It’s done. We’ve closed the last day of school and said goodbye to Ma’ale Habsor. Forever-ish.

Next year, we’re Nofei Habsor. A new school complex. A new student composition. New teachers. New rhythms.

The shots above show a few of the scenes at the end-of-year celebration. Dancers were cool. Eleventh graders were cool. 8th graders were cooler.
Linor, Lee and Gal gave us some good musical riffs. Ariel and Or in the band. (not shown – sorry)
We had speeches from Vered Tal, Zmira Ben Yosef and Martin Sessler – our Principals. They spoke of the sadness to be saying goodbye to the past, but hopes for a better and far more interesting future.
New School heading towards completion
New School heading towards completion
Kibbutz school Ma’ale Habsor will be together with Moshav school Habsor- our new name is ‘Nofei Habsor’ (the scenery of the Habsor region). Our new building is heading towards finishing touches, and our staff will take its last end of year field trip together as Ma’ale Habsor.
Off to an Indian village called “Tanaka”, a night in the Shefayim Hotel and tomorrow’s investigation of Tel Aviv.  Cheers. See you soon.

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