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North American Celebration of Mother’s Day – let’s re-visit the idea

Mother’s Day approach – May 10th, 2009

In Israel, we celebrate Family Day, which somehow goes by mid-year with a presentation of flowers amidst the carrying on with regular life. Family Day is a simple nod in the direction of all for one, we have one another, and it’s nice. (But in my family, we know that already and don’t really need a ‘day’ to remind us)

However, there is rather a larger splash when along comes Mother’s Day in North America. The ads begin several weeks before: chocolate, flowers, books. Amazon lets me know as does MSN. com. How could I possibly not remember the oncoming commemorative day?  Those selling are insistent in their reminders that all mothers need to be told that they’re loved on this one particular moment in time.  But did advertisers invent the holiday?

This year, has offered a video clip to help remind us what Mother’s Day was all about when it first showed up on the calendar, and it’s not about buying stuff.

Take a look at the youtube clip below, where you’ll find: Gloria Steinem, Vanessa Williams, Felicity Huffman, Fatma Saleh, Alfre Woodard, Ashraf Salimian, Christine Lahti and Mother’s Day for Peace talk about the origin of Mother’s Day by Julia Ward Howe

….and strength to all mothers, everywhere. Get your heart on!


happy mother's day, mom

happy mother's day, mom

One response to “North American Celebration of Mother’s Day – let’s re-visit the idea

  1. SooZen

    Happy Mother’s Day judih and thanks for the direction and suggestion. Hope all is well. Love!

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