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Creativity – a link to an e-zine



Someone asked about opening up blocked creativity over at one of my online communities.  Every once in a while, someone comes along, a voice amongst the chaos, and asks a question that needs to be asked.

Life can sweep us along, grab our most energetic enthusiasms, leaving us very little to focus inward. Creativity doesn’t require much energy, but it does require focus. To be creative, one has to relax and detach from the pulls and traumas presented by daily life dilemmas.
To be creative, one needs a little space.
I thankfully was directed to ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron, way back in ’99 by Ellen Hoffenberg-Serfaty.  Reading the book, doing the exercises, including writing daily morning pages, taking artist’s dates and reading a chapter a week really unblocked my considerably stalwart dam.
In no time I was writing poem after poem, painting in watercolour, walking kilometres and sizzling with energy.
So, a few days ago, someone else in a distant part of the world asked a bunch of strangers what she could do to unblock her creative flow. She asked the question in such rich language, filled with imagery and metaphor that I, myself, could have filled up canvases and notebooks triggered by her question. So, I thank her.
And if you would like to check out essays from those who know creativity, click onto the issue of MAPS. It might trigger you!
MAPS. (with thanks to a.l.breath)
Let me know what you think.

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