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March 18th – Why am I not updating my blog?

why oh why?

There are a number of reasons – none of which have anything to do with lack of issues, lack of ability, or power outages. I will update- I will, I will, and I’ll have links, too.

Meanwhile in this non-update, I’ll mention that there’s almost a new school ready for the new school year in September, there’s almost an art show opening of the combined art department of Ma’ale Habsor and Habsor Schools (to be held this coming Saturday night, the 21st of March), there’s a wave of spring/winter weather – but always sunny and the continuing tension of negotions but still there’s no Gilad Shalit back home.

A number of issues and more on the horizon make these days worth writing about. It’s true.

I’ll be back.

Hope you’re well.


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