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March10/09 Purim


At Ma’ale Habsor school, Purim meant a party for the Jr. High kids. You can see them dancing here:




The festivities were down-scaled this year, highlights being: Best Costume choice, lots of group dancing, a cotton candy machine and popcorn.

Mishloach Manot (little plates of Osnei Haman (hamentaschen), candy, bamba and chocolate bars) were exchanged and kids dressed up. I noticed a lot of ears on girl’s heads and many mini-skirts. One girl dressed up as a scarecrow complete with hay sticking out of her jacket sleeves – she won First Prize.

Many kids came in understated statements or no costume at all.

The High School kids were slated fora 3 hour tutorial in the morning, and they chose to dress up for the occasion:

yeah, ya see?

yeah, ya see?

Obviously, the theme of mini-skirt prevailed with the older kids as well.

As for politics

Still no government. Will Lieberman join Netanyahu, or not? Still no peace. Will the qassams stop being fired, or not?

The weather

Hot and then chillier. Sandstorm and then a drizzle of rain. In Kibbutz Nir-Oz, spring can be felt. We’re also still seeing storks in our skies, but unfortunately too distant for my camera to highlight.

The food

All are trying their hand at making Osnei haman. I’ve eaten 4 different variations. My own involve whole wheat crusts. It’s impossible to deal with white flour anymore for any serious length of time (more than a bite).

My tone

I’m in a limbo mood. Purim vacation means more time to do puppet therapy, for which I’m most sincerely indebted. I need more psychodrama and less outer life drama.

Remember to click onto ‘Notes from Netivot” to read how Esther is coping with things.

Hag Sameah! Happy holiday!


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