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Centennial for Tel Aviv-Yafo

100th Birthday! Tel Aviv-Yafo

100th Birthday! Tel Aviv-Yafo

For events celebrating the Centennial year of  Tel Aviv -Yafo, click here:

Check this out if you’re in New York: The Little Orange Visits the Big Apple 25.01.2009

The spirit of Aviv –Yafo will be celebrated in cross the Atlantic Ocean and arrive in New York City for 2 major open-air events: The “Salute to Israel” Parade, and the “Tel Aviv Beach” Extravaganza.

Main events page:

Visting Tel Aviv and Yafo:

How Tel-Aviv got its name  

There are few cities in the world which have gone through so many names as did Tel-Aviv in its early years.  The Home Building Society was the original name of the association that had decided to build the new neighborhood.   It soon became “Ahuzat Bayit” but, at the end of 1909, about six months after the neighborhood’s establishment, its members were already engaged in a lively debate over the appropriate name for the new neighborhood: New Yafo, Neve Yafo, Nof Yafo, Aviva, Beauty, Tranquil, Ivria…” read more:   



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