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Feb.10, Election Day

It’s the day when all of Israel is travelling to vote. Those who left Kibbutz Nir-Oz for other locations in Israel are home for the day to cast their ballot. My son is on his way as I speak.

I voted. The esteemed panel there to supervise the sanctity of the process included a colleague from Ma’ale Habsor who is highly active in politics and the quest for equal rights. I was surprised to see him. I was also surprised that so many parties sat there waiting for my choice. I paused to read the code letter and the blurb about each one. It was a while before I found the party of my choice. But it’s done. I’ve voted and now I only have to wait till after 10:00 p.m. when the estimations of who’s come out on top start to be broadcast on TV and radio.

If you click onto:, you’ll find Esther’s latest blog entry concerning the Syndrome of the South.

Here’s an excerpt:

Let me give you an example: Yesterday I was at a wedding in Jerusalem where many of the participants were from Sederot and Netivot. We arrived early before the band really got going, when suddenly something big fell. There was a huge BOOOOOOOOOOOOM. And, tens of people literally jumped into the air and made various sounds all meaning more or less, “YIKES! What was THAT?????” Then, one of the women started laughing and said, “Just look at us! You can see exactly who went through the Cast Lead Operation in safety and who was bombed. This is the Syndrome of the South!”
For more of Esther’s accurate observations, go ahead and click onto her page.


At school, we had our annual Tu B’Shvat ceremonies including the auspicious awarding of Excellence Certificates to those students who have either undergone radical transformations becoming serious and exempular students, or those who continue along a path of studiousness and concern for their peers. A teacher from each grade hands over the award (usually a book) and praises the student in question either in verse or thoughtful prose. I don’t know why, but these awards make me teary-eyed. Maybe because the words and prizes come from the heart and not the report card, but I have to choke back emotion. I bring my camera to such events but during those short presentations, I can never bring myself to actually disengage from the action long enough to shoot a photo.

There’s also music. Gal Gilberstein leads a few school bands. The junior high kids’ group “The Limonim” did a few numbers.

Oren, Gal, Sa'ar, Eden

Oren, Gal, Sa'ar, Eden


Lee Peretz sang a cool number.




Lee doing vocals, w/Linor, Dror, Gal and Dolev

Lee doing vocals, w/Linor, Dror, Gal and Dolev


And that was it. All were invited to jam after the ceremony’s conclusion. One note: it was a hot day, but today is back to slightly more February weather – a little sandstorm, a little wind, a need to wear a sweatshirt, not just a tee.

Vote well, all.

Happy Tu B’shvat.


Feb 10/09


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