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January 19th, Kibbutz Nir-Oz, puppet therapy day

Last day of  at-home-non-school-going?

Our Eshkol Municipal Council has been getting us ready for resuming school tomorrow, Tuesday Jan.20th. Their website is active, posting updates, reassurances and telling us they’re trying to keep us safe.

Well, it’s now Monday, and I don’t hear sounds of qassams in this immediate area. This usually means nothing, since in the Northern part of Otef Aza near Sderot or down south near Kerem Shalom, things could be hopping. But I doubt it. The news is filled with Hamas declaring victory and Egyptians, French and Americans claiming they’ll guard the ceasefire.

Hmmm, I say. But still, no qassams this morning. Sounds of pilotless drones (Matzlatim) can be heard which is the best reassurance of all. Those planes survey the area from the air, keeping the best eye on what’s going on down on the ground.

I’m nervously about to engage in my puppet therapy. Why nervous? Because admitting to nerves, anxiety, fear now that it’s supposedly over takes courage. As long as the tension remains high, and the stress-coping mechanisms are in place, it’s simpler to live day-to-day.  When there’s a sudden transition to a new phase, one needs to assess the state of the mind, body and emotions.

Now’s the time for self-assessment. And that takes courage! What will I find?  Shrivelling jello? Tears? Laughter? One never knows what to expect till one jumps in and faces the facts.

Wish me luck!

unconditional love puppet

me with unconditional love puppet -therapy + camera

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