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There’s Life in Tel Aviv

It’s rumoured that while we in the South were living between qassam alerts, people elsewhere in the country were living life. Well, here’s proof. This shot is taken in the Shuk (market) of Tel Aviv on a typical day. (Wikipedia talks Shuk haCarmel here)

Shuk haCarmel, taken by Ahl Haggai

Shuk haCarmel, taken by Ahl Haggai


Obama Day has come and gone. Who could watch such an Inauguration Ceremony and not feel history applauding? Now, the day after, there’s a glow over Americans everywhere. Optimisim and a return to self-responsibility seems to be the theme of comments I’ve read all over the Internet.

Nir-Oz Territory

Back here in the desert, school is continuing, the weather is warm and kids are beginning to realize things are serious again. Teachers are slowly making an impact – enforcing the idea that a lesson has a beginning and an end and, in between, work is to be done. This is not an easy mission, but teachers are optimistic by nature and with a little Obama euphoria, our work seems just that tiniest bit more possible.  Kids also seem to be willing to let loose with energy.


(These boys were dancing to Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’.)


This is a short note. I don’t have a lot to say. Thanks for reading!

Judih, Jan 21/09


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