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January 20th, Nir-Oz

Crembo /Krembo

Crembo /Krembo

Back to School & Obama Day



The return to school found us ready to check the pulse and the breathing rate of our students. They were for the most part well and eager to come back to school. Not eager to learn, but our dear students were overjoyed to be back with their friends.

Most of the kids had been either safe in kibbutzim that were generally free from qassam fire, or far from the area with family  or in host kibbutzim in the North.

The teachers, who had been previously prepared for this return,  were equipped with cartons of that ubiquitous confection called a “Crembo” and by the time I had to teach some English, the kids were already post-sugar-high.


I’m exhausted after the schoolday, however.  It is hard to convince the kids that they have in fact returned to school, to routine, to the idea of bringing books and maintaining a minimal form of concentration.

Walking home, I passed lush green fields as the carrot crops and potatoes are entering their bright winter shades. The distant horizon of Aza was clear. The sounds of the day were minimal, though there had been some mortar fire in the Northern part of Otef Aza area.

Obama Day is about to begin according to Eastern Standard Time. The freezing winter weather is no deterrent to those who swarm to attend this historic day.  Shimon Peres says:  ‘ a great day for the entire world!’

Jay Smooth, or illdoc on Youtube, has posted a brilliant vlog (video log) and please take a look:

Wishing everyone a quiet day, a good day.

Judih, Jan 20/09

One response to “January 20th, Nir-Oz

  1. AlaButterfly ⋅

    Hey, hey…Sister:

    Change Has Come! How sweet it is!

    Welcome to the new White House:

    Oh, happy day!!! Hallelujah!!!

    Glad to hear things are quiet there — enjoy!

    Peace, Love & Light,

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