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January 18th, Kibbutz Nir-Oz + reports from other areas

January 18th, first day of Ceasefire.

Well, morning’s arrived, finally. I was tempted to update this blog last night. We knew that a ceasefire was going to come into effect at 2 a.m. Knowing that prepared us for almost anything up to that point.

Sure enough, around 11:30 p.m. we heard a Tzeva Adom and, as always, counted down for the boom. Luckily it landed our of our immediate neighbourhood but somewhere close, probably in our fields. Then, within a few seconds, came the noise of an approaching rocket and a loud thud and from my window I could see a burst of light. Sitting up in the dark, my heart pounding,  I waited for noises of Army police and investigators. There were none.

I continued to listen for  more information. Where had the missile landed?  The sound of planes, some distant booms.  My son walked in the door, dropping off dirty laundry, telling his story, similar to mine:  taking cover for the Tzeva Adom and then listening to rocket approach, seeing a burst of light. He left. After a few minutes came another Tzeva Adom alert and 3 more booms somewhere nearby.

Chai Masala

Chai Masala

Unable to sleep, I made some Chai and turned to Ynet and Ha’aretz. There was no mention of the qassam or mortar fire. Instead, all was geared towards the approaching ceasefire hour, with the clause allowing Israel to take pointed action against any rocket fire against us.

Since Nir-Oz experienced pre-ceasefire rocketfire, nothing was reported.

So now morning has arrived. The ceasefire is in effect and the only sound I hear are drones, surveillance drones. And crows. The crows are on watch this morning.

School is not beginning today. Our Eshkol Council (link in Hebrew), under the mayoralty of Haim Jellin, has decided to go with the Homefront Command and keep us at home for one more day.

We’re all going to need a relaxing break from this war vacation. More chai, more storks, more relaxation techniques.

Judih, Jan 18, 7:41 a.m.

Update: 7:56 – My friend located on a kibbutz further north in Otef Aza has reported constant sounds of booms and gunfire near her. Nothing different in the soundscape since about 7:00 a.m.  She’s staying near her home, with a protected room, for the time being.

9:00 – Report of 2 qassams on Sderot. Oops…checking YNet – 6 qassams. And this report from YNet: Exchanges of Fire Reported in northern Gaza


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