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Jan 17th…ceasefire or no ceasefire? till the decision

Noisy morning

We’ve been hearing some booms and constant planes (surveillance, mostly, I imagine) and I keep turning to the online newspapers to see what’s going on.

This morning we are hours before the Cabinet meeting to discuss the ceasefire agreement.

Check out Ynet:  (headline here)

Ahead of truce: Gaza op continues in full force


Less than 24 hours before cabinet meets to decide whether to accept ceasefire draft, IDF continues to strike in Strip. Dozens of Palestinians killed Friday, some of them civilians. Commanders, soldiers not ordered to slow down activity

Hanan Greenberg

Published:  01.17.09, 08:16 / Israel News


Check out Ha’aretz:  (marqee update first)

08:32 Color Red rocket alert sounds in Ofakim (Haaretz)

Last update – 06:41 17/01/2009
Cabinet to vote Saturday on unilateral Gaza truce
By Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent, and The Associated Press
Tags: Gaza, Israel News, Hamas, IDF





The cabinet will hold a vote on Saturday evening to decide whether to enact a unilateral cease-fire with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.


The deal would also call for cooperation between Israel and Egypt on matters relating to the Gaza Strip in which they have shared interests, without the interference of Hamas.

The decision would mean Israel has put an end to the three-week-long Operation Cast Lead without an agreement with Hamas, relying instead on the support of the United States and Egypt in battling arms smuggling into Gaza.

A government source emphasized that there has been great progress with Egypt in reaching an agreement on fighting arms smuggling. The deal would require the combined use of technological measures on the border between Gaza and Egypt, operations against smugglers in the southern Gaza town of Rafah and the use of international experts to identify smuggling tunnels on the border.

On the ground on Kibbutz Nir-Oz

We’re listening to neighbours sweep away pecan leaves as other neighbours crunch among the leaves searching  for fallen nuts, the usual early Saturday morning sounds. Life goes on as usual.

pecans on tree

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