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January 15th – Ma’ale Habsor

I was awakened by booms and I could hardly open my right eye.

Tidings of things to come? No, who believes in ‘tidings’. I lay in bed for a while, letting tears flow, letting my eye clean itself, while I waited for the booms to identify themselves. Truth is that I’m not very good at sensing the sorts of booms we have. There are booms from our cannons, booms from qassams hitting the ground, booms from explosions of underground tunnels, mortar fire booms and sound-barrier explosive booms. There are sounds of rapid-fire gun shots and tank fire.  

On top of that, there are planes and helicopters and drones. 

So, this morning I woke up from unspecified booms and hoped that if my right eye would offer vision, I’d be able to read something from the morning paper about what was happening where.

Only now, this afternoon, after having returned home from teaching an English tutorial at Ma’ale Habsor, do I see what’s going on in Gaza City. On our walk we could see the landscape and the smoke.

This Operation has not yet ended.

I’ll talk about school. 

Out of 9 students expected to show up to study in a shelter, 5 arrived and 2 were otherwise engaged. Two remained unaccounted for. I think that those numbers are surprisingly good. Who knew that we’d be able to attract kids! We expected them  to give up sitting inside by themselves to venture to the forbidden school zone. And they did!

And they studied and were glad to be together.  I was glad to see them. Walking home, I saw two students on the school side of the fence. We were talking about what I would do if there were to be a “Tzeva Adom” while walking, when suddenly there was. I crashed to the dirt road and covered my head – they ran to the nearest shelter. After 15 seconds, there was no boom, and it wasn’t clear if I should get up and go on my way, or stay down. I waited another 15 seconds or so and then I got up. They came back to see if I’d heard the boom. There had been none.

Later on, we discovered that the qassam had fallen on Tze’elim, a location that usually is safe from qassams. One of those two students was from Kibbutz Tze’elim. I wonder how he’s taking things.

School Construction

School, Jan 15th
School, Jan 15th

The school buildings are looking promising. Last week at this time, a qassam had fallen 5 meters or so from the construction workers, but today they were back on the job.

We’re going to be resuming studies next week. 

Word is beginning to be passed around that we’ll be studying in shifts. This should be interesting.

May the day be safe. If you can reach shelter, do so.


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