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Jan 12, Kibbutz Nir Oz, 1st update of the day

Quiet – absolute peace. Then. Boom. Echo. Boom. Helicopters. Boom. Morning has arrived.

In the old days when I’d lazily read my Michigan friend’s blog about Cosmo and the inanities of her dog and make-up, I’d never have let a little boom stop me. Now, who can read about the Golden Globes awards and the attire of the folk when there are floor shaking booms going on. (Even though I really tried)

You see, this is my sense of humour these days. Sad. I’m a squeezed out orange hoping to find a drop of juice.

What’s new?

The ‘Neurim’ (kids from ages 13-18 ) are back home from their various excursions away from the booms. They chose to sleep together in one of the reinforced Children’s Houses. Being together makes this time a little more palatable. They can jump at each sound and laugh at each other’s nervousness. Together they can phone their various friends on various kibbutzim to find out how their booms are going. Anything to relieve the tension.

My son’s back from his satellite location. He arrived before 7 and is about to experience home sweet home. Boom.

Today there are new sounds. We have total surround sound from the air and ground. Machine gun fire (excuse me, but I don’t know the kind of weapon)  I might need some more coffee.

There will be news today and I’ll come back and post. Meanwhile, have a good day.

Judih, Jan 12, 7:08 a.m.


2 responses to “Jan 12, Kibbutz Nir Oz, 1st update of the day

  1. talkingnow ⋅

    best to you, robin & scott & thanks

  2. robin and scott goldberg ⋅

    our thoughts are with you …

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