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January 9, 2009, Kibbutz Nir-Oz

Yesterday, I attended an all-day conference on working with victims of trauma from war and terror.

The use of art therapy, creative writing and simply first-aid remediation are all part of the tools of therapists working with trauma victims. I’ll provide links later on as I digest what I learned yesterday

News Reports

In this first update, I’d like to mention the booms at night, which seem fewer but ever-present and some of the news reports that are beginning to come in.

First, there’s a report in English on Ynet that speaks of Hamas’ methods to control lives of the civilians in Aza. Please read this report: Hamas stealing aid supplies to sell (thanks to Esther R from Netivot for the heads up).

There’s also a youtube clip, made while the ‘Calming Down’ 6 month ‘ceasefire’ was still in progress,  from someone who describes her experience with qassams and living with them along with a condition of epilepsy.  (again, thanks to Esther)

Sderot Ordeal

Watching the above clip reminds me of the film shown during the NATAL  conference filmed by a crew capturing the activities of the Mobile Trauma Unit. Roni Berger, brilliantly arrives at scene after scene to comfort victims, screaming, fainting after close-by run-ins with qassams. Watching the scenes in Sderot, I empathized totally with the anxiety. Once you’ve felt your house shake and seen damage done by qassams,  anxiety lingers under the surface all the time.

I’ll be back. Please look at the above links and comment.


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