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Jan 8th – Nir Oz, fast update

Booms all night.

I slept heavily, but I was told the booms that I woke up to were similar to the booms all night.

Meanwhile, our local Municipal Council has stated that schools are hopefully re-opening next week. Kindergartens and Daycare centres will begin on Sunday and school will resume on Monday. All this is dependent on the authorization from the Homefront Command.

I’m on my way to the NATAL seminar on helping victims of terror and war.  I’ll be in Sheffayim, a kibbutz just north of Herzliya, all day and will taste life from another environment.

I’ll be back. Please keep your eyes and ears open. Information is precious.

Judih, 4:53 a.m. Jan 8/08

One response to “Jan 8th – Nir Oz, fast update

  1. whitebird sings ⋅

    News… This is what we are being told:

    Less than an hour ago in the Toronto Star:
    “Jan 08, 2009 12:29 PM
    Associated Press Writers

    JERUSALEM – The UN halted deliveries to the Gaza Strip today after gunfire from an Israeli tank killed an aid truck driver, and the threat of a wider conflict arose when militants in Lebanon fired rockets into northern Israel.

    Israel responded with mortar shells…”

    I know you know about the deaths of your soldiers. Bless them and their families. We are also being told that there are now more than 750 Palestinians reported dead. Bless them and their families.

    Here in Toronto, there are protests. Some of my Jewish women friends were arrested and handcuffed yesterday when they went to peacefully protest at the Israeli consultate… protesting for peace.

    Continuing to wrap you in love and light.
    Namaste and

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