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Jan 7th update, Kibbutz Nir-Oz + update (x2)

Another fairly quiet night in Nir-Oz.

This morning there’s word that 4 qassams have been fired into Ashdod and the Eshkol area, but we’ve had no Tzeva Adom here, so I guess it’s safe to say that it’s still quiet in this immediate area.

There’s talk that school will soon resume.

This is both good and bad. Good because, well, it’s good that the year won’t be a total write-off, and that we can show how flexible we all are by adapting once more to classrooms and bells and horrendous tests and book reports. It’s bad because I was just getting used to the artist’s life. Waking up, drinking coffee, showering, exercising then reading, writing and heading into a sunny room to play with contact cement, foam rubber, scissors and paint. I’ve made a lot of progress on my therapy puppet faces.

Now, hopefully, I’ll still have time to actually engage in some needed therapy before I have to be a pillar of strength and calm to students. By the way, though I haven’t been to the school grounds since the operation began, our Ma’ale Habsor Principal, Vered Tal, has assured us that building is continuing. I know this because the workers come to Nir-Oz to eat lunch and haven’t missed a meal this whole time.

Latest puppet photo (still mid-process)

2 puppets mid-process

2 puppets mid-process

My son says they’re scary. He says all my puppets are scary. I feel that  ‘scary’ is good when it comes to therapy. A mask that depicts strength allows the inner voice of the puppeteer to speak in whatever tone or manner is required. You should try it sometime.

Kids on the Road

Again my children are going back on the road after a brief stay on the Kibbutz. My son and his friends slept in the protected Beit Yeladim (Children’s House), while my daughter decided to spend the night on our living room couch.

Today they’re headed in two separate directions. My son will be on Kibbutz Revivim (“it’s like a Country Club,” he’s pointed out), and others might know it as Golda Meir’s kibbutz,  and my daughter will be travelling with a few Nir-Oz kids up to Ein HaMifratz, known for its cardboard factory and once in the heart of the most polluted part of the country. Hopefully, those numbers have veered downward since the peak in the 80’s. (If anyone from Ein HaMifratz is reading, could you set me straight?)

I’ll be back. How are you doing wherever you are?

Judih, 9:50 a.m.

Update: 13:32

We’re now in a 3-hour ceasefire. This halt in the ‘Operation’ is to allow for free passage of supplies into Aza. Ha’aretz puts it this way. And Ynet says this.

We’re going to take a walk around the area in about half an hour. Looks like there’s a good chance for a quiet, pastoral trek. Let’s see what the rest of the day brings.

Second Update: 18:41

We heard a boom, we heard the planes. It was 3 minutes past 4 p.m. and the war was back on. I expected it but my heart sank.

We lived those few hours of blissful quiet and that was enough to stimulate unrestrained optimism. Hope begat hope. Peace? Could there be fast talks of peace? Could it be that things will turn from nightmare to negotiation?

If you’re reading the newspapers, then you know that negotiations, though taking place, are far from being successful.

Let’s see what the evening brings.

May you be safe



One response to “Jan 7th update, Kibbutz Nir-Oz + update (x2)

  1. whitebird sings ⋅

    Here, — there is office chatter around me. Comings and goings to lunch. To meetings. Phones ringing. Printers printing. Tapping on keyboards. Footsteps and more chatter. ..They all seem further away from me than you.

    That is because as much as I am here, my thoughts and heart are more there with you. I am Listening Watching Listening.

    Safe Safe Safe, yes dear heart, may you and yours be safe. May we all know peace not soon, but now.

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