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January 3rd evening update – ground forces have entered Aza

We spent a morning watching mushroom clouds of smoke spiralling up from Aza.

From about 5:00 p.m., we heard the sounds of artillery fire. My friend, J,  on a kibbutz further north in the Sdot Negev area has been hearing booms every 30 seconds.

Now, evening has approached and we’ve received notice that things might be getting more tense in our area. We were told to prepare emergency bags to carry us for up to 48 hours in the bomb shelter. Our bomb shelter which has been used as a rehearsal space, has no toilet nor running water, so a 48 hour stay does not seem possible. Hopefully, it won’t come to that. (update: Phone call to tell us that a chemical toilet has been provided.)

20:30 p.m.

Ground forces have begun their operation into Aza. We at home are glued to the TV and awaiting further instructions.

Stay safe.

Note, I posted Esther’s ‘Notes from Netivot’. Please take a look.


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