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January 2nd, 2009 – quiet night, quietish morning

I’ve been doing youtube therapy.

Old Man, live by Neil Young

End of the Line, Travelling Wilburys 

Why am I listening to music instead of sewing a sweatshirt that needs me, or painting details on my puppet’s face, or sweeping up the debris of life? Why?

Because music takes a crazy situation and evens it out. It lifts me up into chords and artistry, it soothes my nerves with the craft of rhythm and tone. It renews me, changes me, makes me able to breathe into a new outlook.

And so how are you this fine day?

I’ve been getting a lot of support both online and by phone. Many people from all over the world want to know what’s really going on. The news is frightening, and pinpoints disasters. They want to know what the truth is and if they should be worrying about me.

I say that worry never helps. Concern is good.  Demanding peace is better. However that sort of demand is a pipe dream that’s been played for thousands of years. The Dalai Lama can grin and people may suddenly intuit the logic of peaceful co-existence, but for every convert, there are those who aren’t listening.

Hopefully, this Operation Cast Lead will lead us to operationally peaceful processes.

I’ll be back,

Judih, Friday, Jan 2/09, 9:32

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