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January 1st, 2009, update + further update

It’s raining, dawn has risen and we have booms to welcome the new day.

New Year’s Celebrations were cancelled last night (not that it’s part of everyone’s lexicon round here) and we went to sleep with the bang and question marks of these past few nights. What’s going on? Has the ground operation begun? What was that boom? Where did it land?

The end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009 will be appraised as we are given more information.

The rain made this dawn particularly beautiful in a warm pink glow. The beautiful flowering bushes are fragrant and the scene is pastoral. Sound effects come and go.

Yes, I’m not saying much here, but there’s not much to add. I check the news and I read what the online newspapers print and again there’s little information.

I receive a bunch of New Year’s Greetings in my e-mail and I think how far away is that world where the idea of champagne is number one on a to-do list.

There’s no explanation nor description that adequately informs someone from another part of the world of why champagne is not on my mind. (Oops, I guess it is now!)

May the day go well. I’ll be back


jan 1/09 (shelter is under the tires)

jan 1/09 (shelter is under the tires)

Evening Update: 18:44

We were under orders to stay in protected shelters today, but it’s difficult to follow such orders when our shelter has no heat,  no working toilet. Our wonderful neighbour thoroughly cleaned it today, eradicating dust, shining up the place. She hung curtains over the shelves filled with dusty  film journals and radios, and covered the couch with something inviting. You could eat off the floor, if there’d been time to bring food, but of course there never is. We’ve got 15 seconds, if we’re lucky.

The rest of the day was spent listening to the landing of fired mortars, for which there are no alarm. I called a friend on a neighbouring kibbutz and heard that their Youth Club had been hit. No one was there, as their children are all off the kibbutz.

The Nir-Lat factory has a separate alarm and much of the kibbutz is able to hear their alarm. Rain clouds lingered over the kibbutz, but we managed to take an hour’s walk. We heard their alarm twice.

Walking offers a much-needed break from listening to the News, which is intense and repetitive. Forgive me, but  I won’t comment on the news. Remember, updates can be found at Ha’aretz or at Ynet.

We just had another Tzeva Adom here, and since we calculated that the safest place in the house is under the doorframe of our bedroom, we shared a hug in that tiny space while waiting for the boom. There were 2 booms in quick succession 11 seconds after the first call of the alert.

I want to remind all that Sderot Media Centre offers updates on the area including Be’er Sheva, Ashkelon, Ashdod and the other cities that are now receiving qassams and katyushas.

Puppet update: I’ve applied the 1st layer of paint:

puppets, 1st layer of paint, jan 1/09

puppets, 1st layer of paint, jan 1/09

May the rest of the evening be safe.


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