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Fourth Night of Chanukah

A day of Tzeva Adom and of nowhere to go for safety. After the first call, I counted and reached 6 when I heard the boom. Then I kept counting, since the qassams usually come in 3’s. I heard another and then relaxed.

A second alert brought sounds of mortar fire.

The news on the street is that our factory sustained 2 hits with no injuries. Our greenhouses a third hit (the workers were hysterical but physically whole) and another landed in our fields.

Qassams landed in two of the neighbouring kibbutzim.

When we took our daily walk, there were no signs of damage and no further rocketfire from the direction of Aza. Walking outside gives a clear view as to what’s going on. When there is no official Red Alert warning, we know that observers have been able to warn people to get into available shelters.

We were interviewed by a reporter from Reshet Bet who appeared loathe to get too close to our kibbutz. Those who live out of this area imagine the worst and fear approaching Otef Aza. When you live here, you know that life goes on. It must.

Worry does nothing but bring on ulcers and senseless repercussions. The only thing to do is carry on, hoping the gov’t will speed up the provision of shelters for all families in the area.

Happy Chanukah. Fourth Candle.

4th Day Chanukah, chanukiah made by zo

4th Day Chanukah, chanukiah made by zo

dec 24/08

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