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Life is a criss-cross jumble chaotic piece of work

That’s right. Life is a criss-cross jumble chaotic piece of work. Yes it is.

What am I talking about this week?

We’ve had terror in Mumbai, all too close to home for comfort, both in Al-Quaeda overtones and in the fact that almost every high school student sets their sights on a trip to India or South America or Thailand after graduation and all these places seep into our lexicon. Who do you know who’s in Mumbai these days? Have you heard from them? Are they safe?

With every terror attack, we all run through our personal directories, our e-mail friends, our acquaintances from work or school or army or yoga or wherever we meet people we become close with. Are they safe? What about M who went to India with her husband for a new life? Is she safe? We all shake when we hear of terror. In Israel, we all know the drill. First comes the news report and then come the phone calls and investigations.

We go through this all the time. We’re ‘used to it’. Yeah, right.

This week I’ve learned that Sderot is beginning drama therapy workshops for its children at the Sderot Community Treatment Theater. I’ve been invited to an Intensive Day-long Seminar at the Sheffayim Hotel, on January 8/09 for teaching techniques for remediating victims of trauma. This amazingly rich schedule of workshops and lectures is being offered to all therapists and anyone else interested as well as to the graduates of Lesley College, the Cambridge University with world-wide branches, including one in Netanya. This is the home of MAs in Expressive Therapy and Holistic Therapy and B.Eds in Creative Education. Teachers with such degrees are invited to participate. The day is presented by Natal, the Israel Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War. The Schedule of the day can be seen here, in Hebrew, for anyone interested in registering.

Israel Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War

Israel Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War

We, in Israel have got to accrue expertise in remediating victims of terror. We’ve got no choice. Yet, I’ve read that the authorities of Mumbai have refused help from Israel in dealing with the hostages in the Chabad House.  I ask you, why would they choose to refuse?

Back to home affairs, our school Ma’ale Habsor has been working inside and out.

Our teachers are involved in a two week after-school stretch of meetings,  long marathon Pedagogical meetings which take us into the situation of many of our students. We share information, look at the dynamics of each class, sociograms (thanks Racheli of the 8th grade), special cliques, (thanks, Chico also of 8th grade), and girls working together to help tame a few boys who would prefer not to learn and would if not for those girls (thank you, Ilani – yes 8th grade). Eighth grade has always been fondly called Hormone year, but now with higher incidences of shorter attention span and greater environmental distractions, it’s all on higher frequency.

So, teachers at our school are more tired but stalwartly attending these all too important meetings.  The new school building is coming along well. As I was photographing the outside structure, I was invited to step inside and look at the ‘finished’ bare walls. Have a look:

first view inside a new classroom

first view inside a new classroom


and more:

other view inside
other view inside
Did you know this is how a school is built?
Did you know this is how a school is built?

Architecture is fascinating, no?

Also in school this week, our Tenth grade students were involved in a Citizenship Seminar. I can’t comment on the success or failure, but I can note that some of my students were happy to get back to studying English. (for which I’m grateful).
The Swim team did great and brought back medals from the REED (National Rural School District Council) Championships.
Our school soccer team won this round of the Tournament and is going on to the Finals in the REED Soccer Championship.
Our area’s been free of booming sound effects this week, for which I’m grateful.  I’d love to hear from someone in Nahal Oz or Kfar Aza as to what’s going on in their communities. If anyone is reading this, please post a comment.
May it be a peaceful week. May those in Mumbai survive this and get on with remediation in their lives.
Anyone for art? Please drop by the White House, Nir-Oz’s Art Gallery, to see the Exhibit presenting artists of Otef Aza along with those from Mexico. I’ll be there and will be back to post my impressions.
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